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Professional Cordless Electric Metal Foil Shaver Wireless Waterproof IPX6 Foil Shaver

1、 Frequency conversion three gears speed control
2、Detachable head remove the net with ease
3、 O degree double head thin foil gold knife net
4、USB easy to charge with charge shaved not afraid to get up late


Charging Mode:
USB charging
Rated power:
110-220V 50/60Hz
Foil shaver
Charging time:
2 hours
Working time:
90 minutes
Rated voltage:
Clean Method:
IPX6 Full body wash
RQ-8301 detail picture (1)
RQ-8301 detail picture (2)
RQ-8301 detail picture (3)
RQ-8301 detail picture (4)
RQ-8301 detail picture (5)
RQ-8301 detail picture (6)
RQ-8301 detail picture (7)
RQ-8301 detail picture (8)


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We set up MRY to be a brand with integrity that allows our partners, distributors, collaborators and more to work with us to help domestic markets internationally grow by combining our product experience with your local expertise. Integrity is important to us because know how important the small details are being a personal hair appliance brand.

We know that it often time it is the small things that help you win that business, make that connection and create that client relationship. Partnership because we believe we can’t do this with you. We want to help develop suitable products for your market, for that to happen we need to work closely, stay informed with the challenges you face, and offer solutions to overcome them with professionalism and strong service.

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